To le anon that can’t seem to understand plain English but can type out the word “articulation”

1) She doesn’t want anyone in her life at the moment.

2) ahem someone can’t even reveal his identity.

3) Let us see the difference between our convo with her, shall we?

me: hey you ^^                    anon: hey you

vi: hi riva                              vi: who is this?

me: let’s play lol                     anon: you might know me, but I’m not telling =x

vi: logging in                          vi: seriously, who is this?

me: thanks for playing             anon: how come you never come to cafe anymore?

vi: good night                        I miss your presence =’(


4) “thanks for making it so easy for me” really? did I really make it easier for you?

Maybe we have a difference in opinion in what is easy to us. It is easier for me to be able to talk to someone that I like rather than stalking her as John Doe. If I like someone, I would want to get her attention and make sure she knows who I am.

5) Are you really convinced that I treated her badly? Because I’m pretty sure I did wrong at its’ bare minimum.

6) Respect her decision.

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